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How to earn $ 10 GROUPON

Groupon’s Refer-a-Friend Program (“RAF Program”) customer you refer to non-Groupon Groupon Bucks on qualifying purchases * that you can earn by which a qualifying activity. Referrals to you all that your participation in the life (“Lifetime Program Limit”) to earn up to a maximum of $ 100 in Groupon Bucks. Groupon bucks by the RAF program in order to be eligible to earn a lifetime limit under the program to accumulate and redeem Groupon BUCKS, Groupon account Maintain good standing, and must be eligible.

Eligible to participate, current customers, and Groupon are not available on the site to your referral link (“unique link”), sending (the “New User”), or you can purchase a voucher from the site staff to provide friends who have never refer to an invitation The recipient of a special offer. 72 hours a new user clicks your unique link below and register on the site and ten dollars ($ 10) or more (“free offer”) on the initial purchase price of a Groupon offer is made, if any Groupon Groupon will accumulate over a lifetime program limit are eligible to receive the BUCKS, approximately 7 days after the close of the offer and sale to the public for a long time favorite is.

Groupon various tools to help you promote your unique link can provide. You also via email and social media can share your unique link. Failure to disclose this information in violation of this Agreement and the time immediately Groupon, the RAF program over the future of RAF program disqualify you, and your account may be subject to forfeiture of any Groupon Bucks.

Groupon, with or without notice (or any part of it) either temporarily or permanently modify or discontinue the program RAF reserves the right at any time to. Groupon is no change in the RAF program, you will not be liable in the event of suspension or dissolution. Groupon, canceled, canceled, or otherwise from the issuance of Groupon Bucks in any suspected case of fraudulent use of my reserves the right